Couponing 2.0: Revolutionizing Savings with Apps

From Scissors to Screens: The Coupon Revolution

Hey there, savvy savers! Remember those days when your grandma used to meticulously cut out coupons from newspapers? Well, wave goodbye to those scissors and say hello to the digital coupon revolution! In this digital age, coupons have gone virtual, and they’re shaking up how we save. Let’s take a delightful dive into how this coupon renaissance is changing the savings game.

Cutting coupons

Your Pocket-Sized Money Saver: Digital Coupons Unveiled

Picture this: you’re strolling down the aisles of your favorite store, smartphone in hand, ready to unveil your secret weapon – digital coupons! These little gems are like your personal genie granting you discounts at the tap of a button. Whether you’re in the mood for a new outfit, craving a meal out, or eyeing that gadget you’ve been wanting, digital coupons have your back. No more fumbling with paper scraps; these coupons live right in your pocket.

The Savings Symphony: How Digital Coupons Are Changing the Tune

Alright, let’s talk impact! The digital coupon revolution isn’t just about convenience; it’s about putting money back where it belongs – in your wallet. With these digital delights, you’re in control. Score discounts on your favorite snacks, shave dollars off your beauty products, and even grab deals on services you’ve been eyeing. The days of paying full price are fading into history, my friends.

In fact, digital coupons are more than just budget blessings. They’re giving businesses a creative way to attract customers, launch new products, and reward loyalty. It’s like a win-win dance where you save money and businesses boost their sales. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling like a VIP, receiving exclusive offers tailored just for you.

Coupon apps

Your Coupon Fairy Godmother: Unveiling Top Coupon-Centric Apps

Get ready to have your wallets singing with joy, because today, we’re shining the spotlight on coupon-centric apps that are like magical fairy godmothers for your savings. These apps are designed to whisk you away to a land of discounts and deals, all conveniently at your fingertips. Let’s dive into the enchanted world of these money-saving marvels!

App Extravaganza: Exploring the Gems of Coupon-Centric Apps

Get your smartphones ready, because we’re about to unveil some real coupon treasure troves! Meet DealDazzle, a Google Chrome extension that showers you with a dazzling array of discounts on everything from fashion to food. With its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations, you’ll be waltzing through savings wonderland in no time.

Next up, we have inLo which is short for invest local, this app focuses on providing local deals only from small businesses with the mission of leveling the playing field for mom and pop shops. Download the app and start following your favorite locals for real-time events, limited coupons and a new way of providing private feedback to the owner/managers. inLo aims to provide a better alternative to store owners who do not like to give away a big chunk of their services for free but still would like to give out discounts.

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Layering Your Savings: A Symphony of Discounts

Picture this scenario: You’ve got a 20% off coupon for shoes from your favorite store, and there’s also a cashback offer on the app. But wait, there’s more – you’re a loyalty program member, which means you’ll earn points on this purchase. That’s right, you’re about to layer these deals like a pro!

Here’s how stacking works: First, make sure you understand each deal’s terms and conditions. Some coupons might not be combinable, while others are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Once you’ve mastered this dance of discounts, it’s time to start shopping and saving!

A New Outlook for the Future of Couponing

The ever expanding availability of smartphones has brought a new age about us where we can do more with less. The art of saving money has also been impacted and you as a savvy saver must move with the times! The future of couponing is not a one-size-fits-all formula. It’s a mosaic of choices, opportunities, and paths waiting to be explored. As business owners, marketers, and consumers, it’s our privilege to shape this future. So, dear readers, as you step forward into this ever-changing world of savings, remember that the journey is yours to define. Choose wisely, innovate fearlessly, and make every coupon count in a future that’s ripe for the taking.


Why Groupon Might Not Be Right For Your Business

The Groupon Predicament: A Closer Look at the Costs

Are you considering diving into the Groupon world? Hold on a moment! While Groupon might seem like a fantastic opportunity to boost your business, there are some aspects you need to be aware of. One of the most significant concerns revolves around the cost structure. If your business offers high-priced products or services, Groupon’s commission-based model could be a major hit to your profits. In fact, reports indicate that Groupon charges a hefty 50% commission on each sale, and that’s not all – there’s an additional potential fee of up to 25% if they prioritize your offers. This pricing strategy often leaves businesses with razor-thin margins while relinquishing control over their campaigns. Check out the reviews on the Groupon Merchant app, and you’ll see how this predatory approach can have negative repercussions.

Beware of the Influx

Picture this scenario: Groupon’s magic works, and a wave of customers floods into your business. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, here’s the catch. If you’re not prepared to handle this sudden influx, you might find yourself drowning in a sea of orders, struggling with customer service issues, or grappling with logistical nightmares that could tarnish your reputation. While the idea of a surge in customers is enticing, without the proper infrastructure, it could lead to chaos instead of growth.

Brand Devaluation: A Price Too High

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the potential devaluation of your brand. Groupon’s typical terms often require you to offer hefty discounts, ranging from 50% to 70% off your regular prices. What’s worse, you might not even have control over additional discounts, causing your offerings to be practically given away. This can harm your brand’s perception in the eyes of customers, eroding the value you’ve worked so hard to build. Additionally, the customers drawn in by such promotions might not be the loyal, high-quality clientele you were hoping for. Sacrificing your brand’s worth for short-term gains rarely pays off in the long run.

Branding matters to customers.

A Ray of Light: inLo Apps as an Alternative

Now, before you start feeling overwhelmed by the potential pitfalls of Groupon, let’s talk solutions. What if you could harness the power of a service like Groupon without all the drawbacks? Enter inLo and inLo Business – a dynamic duo of marketplace apps designed to revolutionize how small businesses advertise and offer coupons. Unlike Groupon’s limitations, these apps put the control back in your hands. Say goodbye to predatory pricing, rigid terms, and brand devaluation.

Embrace Control and Flexibility with inLo Apps

Marketplace apps called inLo and inLo Business streamline advertising and couponing for small businesses without predatory pricing or limited control of Groupon. inLo aims to be every small business’ own app by offering full control and a user-friendly experience that differentiates it from the competition. inLo’s mission is clear: to empower small businesses with full control and flexibility over their promotions. With a user-friendly interface, inLo apps let you tailor your offers to match your business’s unique needs. No more feeling boxed in by Groupon’s terms – now, you can craft promotions that align perfectly with your goals. Whether you’re running a local eatery, a boutique, or a service-oriented business, inLo apps let you showcase your offerings in a way that reflects your brand’s essence.

The Bottom Line

In the world of business, choices matter. While Groupon might promise a spotlight on your brand, it comes with a set of challenges that could overshadow the benefits. Before jumping on the Groupon bandwagon, consider the alternative – inLo apps. With full control over your promotions, a friendly user experience, and a commitment to helping your business shine, inLo apps offer a path to brand recognition and success that doesn’t compromise your integrity or profits. It’s time to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new wave of couponing and advertising – the inLo way!

For more info on how to get better results from inLo, check out this article.

Social Media

4 Reasons Why Social Media Advertising Might Not Be The Right Tool For Your Business

Navigating the Social Media Advertising Landscape

In a world where everyone seems to be scrolling, tapping, and double-tapping, social media advertising holds undeniable allure. Businesses of all sizes are hopping on the digital bandwagon to connect with potential customers. But, is it truly the golden ticket for every small business? Let’s explore four crucial factors that might steer you away from the social media advertising path.

Reason 1: Missing the Mark on Audience

Ah, the elusive target audience – the heart and soul of marketing. While social media platforms host hordes of users, not all of them are actively engaging. If your potential customers are more elusive than Waldo and avoid social media altogether, your marketing efforts could be a shot in the dark. Consider Facebook, once a shining star in the social galaxy, now dimming in popularity. Don’t let your valuable time and money fade into the void of diminishing returns.

Reason 2: The Suitability Snag

Picture this: a tightly-regulated business or one with strict privacy concerns trying to navigate the vast expanse of social media. It’s like a square peg in a round hole – it just doesn’t fit. And what about businesses whose offerings are more about utility than eye-catching aesthetics? Explaining complex concepts in a fleeting social media moment might feel like whispering in a hurricane. Can you find a way to connect without exposing customer data?

social media

Reason 3: The Resource Dilemma

Enter the resource vortex: social media advertising. Crafting ads, tracking metrics, and engaging with commenters – it all requires time and resources. Plus, the rabbit hole of technical knowledge can lead to endless frustration. Your precious time as a business owner should be spent on meaningful customer interactions, not chasing shadows on social media. Remember, there are other platforms that can come with their own set of issues, like the big players such as Groupon.

Reason 4: The Results Riddle

You took the plunge, invested in social media ads, but where are the results? If the anticipated outcomes remain as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster, it’s time to consider alternatives. One shining option is inLo apps – a direct line to your patrons. Imagine real-time value advertising and controlled coupon offers all in one place. With numerous avenues to engage potential customers, you have the power to choose what works best for your business.

How inLo helps small businesses

Closing Thoughts: Pioneering Your Path

In the realm of social media advertising, glittering promises and potential pitfalls often coexist. While it’s a potent tool for many, it might not be your best bet. Thankfully, there are alternative avenues like inLo that can enhance your store’s communication while you remain firmly rooted in day-to-day operations. As you navigate the vast landscape of marketing, remember that the key lies in finding the channels that truly resonate with your business. It’s your journey – make it uniquely yours.


5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Marketing Through InLo

Make the best of inLo Business

As a small business owner, you have the freedom to issue real-time advertising posts and coupons through inLo Business app, where both your followers (aka current customers) and other people nearby can learn about them and show up to redeem. Here are some tips on how to make the most of inLo platforms and effectively use coupons to drive sales and promote your business.

1. Set clear goals

Before you start issuing coupons, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve. Do you want to increase sales, and attract new customers, or clear out inventory? Understanding your goals will help you create coupons that are effective and aligned with your business objectives.

For example if you want to clear out inventory, it is best to offer heavy discounts and advertise your discount on your social media pages where you can direct your customers to download inLo for a chance to take advantage of your limited coupons.

inLo has been designed to help small businesses like you, cultivate loyalty and connect with their customers for better communication. That is why you should take advantage of inLo’s free feature called highlights. inLo’s highlights are real-time posts that will show up on the platform’s main home page when the event is happening. There is also a section on the home page that shows what highlights are coming up to people nearby. These highlights could be happy hours, sales promotions, events and other short term events.

2. Choose the right type of coupon

You have complete freedom on how you would like to present you coupons. These include any percentage off a certain amount, dollar amounts off bill, buy one get one free, and reserve items to claim later at the store.

Coupon on your phone

You must also choose the coupon redemption process for your customers based on what could work better for your business. You can choose between location based and time based coupons.

On inLo, the location based coupons can only be redeemed when the customer is within 0.5 mile of your store, while they must still consider the expiration date and how many coupons are left.

The other method is time based which based on your chosen time limit, the customer has a certain time window to show up and present the coupon they have redeemed. 

3. Set the right expiration dates

Expiration dates can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take advantage of your coupons. However, be sure to give customers enough time to use your coupons, as setting expiration dates that are too short can backfire and frustrate customers.

Through inLo, you can create coupons that will expire in hours or in weeks. You can also set your offers on repeat which will automate the process for you. For example, you can publish 10 coupons of 20% off that will automatically publish every other Sunday and expire the next day or when they run out.

4. Make inLo more effective

You can increase the platform’s effectiveness by letting your customers know via merchandise and social media to follow your business on inLo for savings, events and feedback. Creating direct access to as many people as possible will increase the odds of better results once savings are published. Either way, your posts will be published on the homepage for every user in your area to see. But more followers could both give your business more credibility and a better chance for your coupons to get redeemed.

Measure progress

5. Track and measure your results

You must use inLo’s analytics tools to track the performance of your coupons and measure their effectiveness. All your highlights (specials, events or promotions) will have a view count on them so you are always in the loop. You as the owner can ask for help from up to 3 managers to run your profile on inLo Business app and stay on top of your day to day specials, savings and feedbacks from customers.

By following these tips, you can create a marketing campaign whenever you want to in minutes. Plan ahead or just issue coupons for the day if need to. Through inLo, your store’s communication will improve instantly. With inLo apps you are playing the long game of building out your audience and expanding your reach so remember to utilize inLo’s services enough to generate interest from the market!


Best advertising platform for your small business?

How small businesses advertisement worked traditionally and their evolution

From word of mouth to newspaper, radio and TV ads, small businesses have managed to adapt and change with time to survive. Nowadays technology has moved to smartphones with popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. But how can small businesses use the dominant trend of handheld technology to their advantage?

What challenges might be ahead of small businesses?

Small businesses usually do not have the time or the budget to get ahead of the competition when it comes to marketing and connecting with customers besides the usual methods such as a Facebook or Instagram that needs time and dedication to post frequently enough to make a difference.

As one of the few, if your business has a big enough budget for marketing, the cost of advertising on social media adds up real quick. Also you must know that often thousands of views does not translate to clicks or revenue.

The Chronicles of Starting a “Marketing Campaign”

There is the talk of “marketing campaigns” on popular coupon apps such as Groupon and Nextdoor that promise local exposure and might be more appropriate for small businesses but there is a catch. These apps are in charge of your campaign and you have no control of when or how your ads will be shown.

Marketing campaign

Here you can read about how Groupon might not be right for your business. The predatory business model of big savings/advertising apps such as Groupon leave local businesses with no choice but to hope for return customers which would be the only justification in giving up to 75% off the usual prices.

Some marketing campaigns could end up helping small businesses, but we must keep in mind that most Groupon users are only looking for big savings. These customers are mostly bargain hunters and few of them, if any, might come back without price incentives. Groupon could be a good solution in the short run but it could also damage your brand if relied upon for too long.

But what is the alternative?

small business advertising

Alternative advertising approach for small businesses:

Focus on the long term

As a small business owner your money must go a long way and there is less room for trial and error. The world of advertising and marketing is worth billions and the competition is fierce. Big national chains exist in every industry.

You might have a restaurant, coffee shop or a bookstore and you can be certain that there are corporate counterparts to your business with high budgets for advertising and marketing. You must choose wisely and do your research on the best channels to connect with your customers and gain exposure to bring in new ones. 

Good news is that the small business sector is getting more attention from tech companies and new products are being created for them. Example of that would be Gusto, an HR company designed to help small businesses do the complicated processes of payroll and legal stuff that are needed for compliance with ease.

Introducing inLo apps

In the world of advertisement, inLo and inLo Business apps have been developed by people who have valuable experience in the small business world.

inLo apps are designed to give small businesses full control over their advertisement and provide an effective way for businesses to communicate and connect with their patrons.

inLo operates without the predatory pricing of Groupon, or the uncertainty of advertising on Facebook and Nextdoor, inLo aims to bring local exposure without the franchisee competition. 

What is the rationale for using inLo apps?

The best proven tactic that brings customers is offering savings. inLo offers small businesses a platform that provides full control on savings, without any commission, while focusing on the long term and cultivating loyalty.

The goal of inLo is to have customers that visit twice a month and spend $100, to visit one more time with a discount, and spend $130. Either way the business is making more money while having full control on their marketing campaign.

New Age of Advertisement

The new age of advertisement is here to stay and all businesses must adjust accordingly. The market chooses what is popular and works and what does not. The very existence and success of coupon apps prove that offering controlled savings is an effective advertising strategy.

Business owners must know that relying only on word of mouth is not cutting it anymore, jump on the technology train and take your business to the next level!